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Stoney Creek

Branding, photography, logo, brochure & website.

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Stoney Creek ,website

Orange and black is visually arresting. These are the colours of a roaring fire on a cold snowy night. Stoney Creek Wanaka is ski accommodation. Our photographers, Chris and Melanie, rose before sunrise in order to take this photograph.


Stoney Creek Website
The generous space of this ski holiday accommodation is a major selling point of Stoney Creek so we included this vivid floor plan to accentuate this strength of the product.


Stoney Creek WebsiteWhen you have a great product it can sometimes be better to simply let the images speak for themselves.


Stoney Creek Website

The challenge of designing brochures is getting all of the necessary information into a relatively small space. There were several goals :

  1. Showcase the beautiful facilities visually
  2. Give guests contact and location information
  3. Fast facts, list all the facilities Stoney Creek has to offer for easy reference