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Midwifery Council of New Zealand
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theDesign was engaged by The Midwifery Council to create a pleasant and effective graphical interface for the Council's resource rich and information dense web site. The primary aim was to make this information dense website easy to navigate quickly while still being pleasant to look at.

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Midwifery Council of New Zealand

The Midwifery Council of New Zealand is the regulatory body that oversees all midwives who are practicing in NZ. We quickly identified that this web site needed to be a toolbox of resources for various parties providing up to date information and resources via the internet. Our aim was to design a humanised interface that was not too dry to navigate but still provided easy access to a vast amount of information. We developed a clean visual layout with custom icons to represent various parts of the web site at a glance. We avoided using photographs or images of mothers and babies as midwifery itself is not the role of the Midwifery Council as regulator.